A Tree of One's Own

"Friends & Family" Program
In addition to planting in public space, TFCH assists neighbors wanting trees for their own yards. They are required to prepare a hole on their property and pay the cost of the tree (at our discounted price) plus a pro-rated share of the shipping costs. TFCH selects a specimen of the preferred species at the nursery, purchases the tree, arranges delivery and assists in planting. These trees are quite large, usually 1-2" caliper, and not inexpensive. Still, they are typically a more mature tree than what you could bring home and plant by yourself; the discount makes them much more affordable; and you pay much less in shipping and installation costs than if you purchased those services directly from a nursery.

We also assist those who would like to plant a memorial tree or commemorate a loved one or a special occasion. This can be done in public space or on private property.

If you are interested in either of these programs, email elizabeth_knits@yahoo.com with ‘Friends & Family Tree’ in the subject line.

Trees for Capitol Hill
Trees for Capitol Hill