Trees for Capitol Hill

A community of volunteers sustaining
 the trees of Capitol Hill


Trees for Capitol Hill (TFCH) is a non-profit community group dedicated to restoring the tree canopy of the Washington, D.C. Capitol Hill neighborhood.  As volunteers we work to help renew, restore, and refresh the diversity of trees that make Capitol Hill so pleasantly green.  For over fifteen years we have been beautifying the sidewalks and streets travelled and admired not only by locals but by tourists from around the world.

TFCH organizes a day of tree planting each year, typically the second Saturday of November. We work closely with the DC Department of Urban Forestry for permitting and with neighbors for proper site selection. TFCH has a long standing relationship with Merrifield Nursery for tree purchase with Merrifield providing a certified Arborist to give guidance on correct planting.

Volunteers come from everywhere. Individuals, businesses, church or civic groups, etc. all wanting the opportunity to beautify and restore their local environment.   No experience is necessary, volunteers are organized to work with long-standing TFCH members fully trained in the proper situating and handling of saplings.  It is a day of learning and fun where you can learn more about tree types while transforming your neighborhood.

TFCH relies on community grants, business contributions, and private donations to purchase its trees.  Consider how you can commemorate a special event or person, or enhance the value of your home by giving a donation to purchase a tree.  You can support TFCH by going to the "Donate" tab above.
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